Constant Change - Making Cents


Brian Aldridge:      Banjo, Baritone Vocals, and Lead Vocals on Track 9

Clifton Preddy:       Fiddle , Baritone Vocals, and Lead Vocals on Tracks 3, 4, and 7

Jason Johnson:      Guitar, Baritone Vocals, and Lead Vocals on Tracks 2, 5, 8, and 10

Tim Tew:                 Mandolin, Dobro, Tenor Vocals, and Lead Vocals on Tracks 1, 6, and 11

Zak McLamb:          Bass


Thank You!

Constant Change – First of all we want to thank God for the talent he has given us.  We want to thank our families and fans for their support of our band and the making of our first CD.  Specifically, we want to thank Bill McDonald for the use of his studio, Alan Mullen for his time, effort, and talent in recording this project, and all of the promoters who have given us a chance and booked us at their venues.

Brian – Al Batten, my parents Mike and Linda Aldridge and family, and Brandy, Doc, and Deborah Rogers.

Clifton – My wife Lisa, son Chase, my parents John and Edna Preddy, and all of my family for understanding my passion for music and letting me be myself.

Jason – My Mom and Dad, Grandma and Papa, Uncle David, Uncle Tim, Gena Britt, all the guys in the band, and my uncle Joe for showing me my first G chord.

Tim – Mama, Daddy, my older sister and brothers for their guidance in life, my best friend Gena Britt for finding the answers, and Ashby Frank for being himself.

Zak – My wife Karen, my parents, all the rest of my family, and all the pickin' buddies from Tarheel Music.


Produced by Constant Change and Gena Britt ~ Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Bill McDonald’s Heartwood Studio, Garner, NC ~ Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Alan Mullen ~ Photography by Gena Britt ~ Artwork and Design by Tim Tew ~ CD Duplication by Blind Dog Studios, Crestwood, KY;


1. Tall Dark Stranger 2. Your Memory 3. Georgia Bound 4. Rainy Nights (original by Clifton Preddy) 
5. Redwood Hill 6. Lost River 7. Path Of The Son (original by Clifton Preddy) 8. Part The Best Of Friends 
9. Why Don't You Tell Me So 10. Another Town 11. You've Got A Lover